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Altaluz is a musical group from Buenos Aires, Argentina who is destacated for the mix of styles, such as rock, funk and grunge, unforgettable riffs and harmonized chorus. Its began the 14th November of 1998 when it does its first show in "Leopoldo Lugones" high school (Villa Urquiza, Argentina) being accompanied and consolidated by the music teacher Francisco Giordano.
It group has played in a lot of pubs of Buenos Aires, primarily doing versions of others musical groups and then playing its own songs. Altaluz influences were changing during the progress of the group. Now at day is notable, trough its songs compositions, they take Divididos, Patricio Rey y sus redonditos de ricota, Pappo, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, etc. as a reference.
In the middle of 2003, the group began to get its musical identity and to get a more personal sonority, by changing its compositions and, also, the Altaluz staff.
The Martín Zardain's musical performance is, since 2003, replaced by Fernando Zaffino (electric guitar and voices). At the end of 2005 the group changed its name. Its name was "La resaca del rock" and others periodic names, but the group decided to changed its name. The group asked to each person that attended the show by a new name for the group. The likely name for the group staff was Altaluz, being it the name set on the 2006 demo and present shows.
Since 2010 the group has its first album, which is called "Salir". This album contains eight original powerful songs that leave listeners out of breath. Now at day, Martín Cioffi on bass guitar and chorus, Ernesto Herrera on drums and chorus and Fernando Zaffino on voices and electric guitar are doing the preproduction of their second album.